Barbara Bachhuber: “Explore your environment with open eyes”

A symphony of colours, contrasts and forms – this is Barbara Bachhuber’s artistic universe. Her artworks – paintings, illustrations or graphic designs – have a beautiful sense of joy, harmony and fantasy. 

Barbara was our artist for a good cause in Munich, where she imprinted her creativity on one of our Silvia lamps that will be auctioned at the end of our VITA lighting European Tour.

You have been a passionate artist, focusing on illustration, painting and graphic design, for more than 10 years. What fascinates you about this?

There is no time period in my life where I haven’t been creative. Drawing and painting has been my passion since childhood. My imagination has always created pictures in my mind. For me it is fantastic to bring those pictures to life, outside of my mind, and to share them with other people. I love the combination of being a graphic designer & illustrator and also an artist. Both professions benefit very much from each other.

What is your artistic “playground”?

The aesthetic combination of colours, contrast and forms in connection with realistic and detailed elements would be my artistic „playground“. There must be a good balance between harmony and excitement.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration could happen anywhere in my environment and could be triggered by anything. A very vague answer… The inspiration is not projectable. It appears most likely when my mind is relaxed and clear of thoughts and when my eyes are awake to notice the environment beyond the first glance. The creative thought occurs from its own, a first flash that can be formed into a good idea.

Most of your paintings seem to have an emphasis on 3-4 main colours and their shades. How do you choose them? Do you have or plan to have some “signature” colours?

There are no special “signature” colours, but I prefer to use colours which are not too loud. Again it is important for me to have exciting but realistic contrasts between the colours. In my graphic design and illustration projects, the colours are planned before and synchronized. In my acrylic paintings, the choice of the colours happens more spontaneously and during the painting process, for example caused through mixtures.
What messages do you want your paintings to send?

My paintings are full of thoughts telling a story to the observer. The moment fascinates me very much. There could be so much “content” in a short moment but we need more than a short and maybe hectic moment to get this story.

You imprinted a bit of your creative universe on a VITA Silvia. Can you tell us the story behind the painting you made on our lamp?

The lamp reminds me of a plant with many single leaves. I have modified the typical texture into abstract forms and lines. Each leave has a different structure as it is in nature, too. I used black, white and cooper as main colours and two different green tones as accent colours and fresh contrast to the elegant main colour combination.

What inspired you to be VITA’s artist for a good cause in Munich?

VITA reached out to me and asked if I would like to be the artist for Munich on their Lighting European Tour. I liked the idea to paint on a VITA designer lamp which is made of different elements that will be placed together and auctioned for a charity project.

If you were to send a message to the people who will bid on your creation, what would it be?

Explore your environment with open eyes. Take your time to really look at it, not only a glance, and perceive it without superficiality and prejudices.