VITA Lighting European Tour  

Key in the ignition. Hands on the steering wheel. Mirror set up. Engine on. Buckle up – we’re on the move!

Every grand tour starts with the melodic, rhythmic sound of the car’s engine, with the familiar smell of that old map you are still carrying around, with a myriad of emotions, lots of plans, heaps of dreams.

At VITA, we have been dreaming about this day. On the 3rd of August, we are starting our grand tour – the VITA Lighting European Tour.  1 shop on wheels, 3 months, 10 countries, 50 locations – You are going to wonder where we are going to wander.

Since all the great journeys start at home, we will begin our adventure in Scandinavia. The road will then take us through all Western European countries, including the British Isles. With out VITA Van, we will be visiting your city and your local area, and we will bring with us the newest lighting designs, creative events and the lucent VITA spirit.

This is a tribute to all the VITA enthusiasts. We want to honour you with a one of a kind event, where you’ll get the chance to meet and greet us, to talk with us, and to discover our fascinating universe. We have prepared lots of exciting events, engaging activities, fun competitions and auctions from local artists, where all proceeds will go to local charities. And we are going to welcome everyone with lively music, sunny vibes and genuine smiles.

Time to hit the road now! See you in your town!

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